Sunday, March 16, 2008

Embed Voxant in your website/blogs and earn money!

Again, website and/or blogs owner is offered an opportunity of making money by voxant thenewsroom. Voxant is a news streaming service company. By embedding their newsroom into your website/blogs, you can get these extra benefits :

1. Bigger chance of driving more traffic to your website/blogs because of richer content than before
2. Lessen your time for providing interesting and up-to-date content on your website/blogs since voxant will provide it at no cost
3. Get paid for paid advertisement played by your website/blogs visitor

That's seems so nice and lucrative. But hold on, actually how much will I get paid? Voxant will pay you based on CPM calculation (CPM = cost per million). The value of money you'll have is shown below :

CPM On Your Site
CPM On Referred Site
Video Feed
Video Story
Text Story

Hmm, that's seemed too low. But on high traffic and busy website/blogs, I think this can potentially add another $10-$15/month :). Not bad at all..

Voxant also categorizes its streaming news so you can only show the one that you like. The categories are as follows :
  • US news
  • Local news
  • World news
  • Business news
  • Politics news
  • Health news
  • Science and technology news
  • Entertainment news
  • Sports news
  • Life and leisure news
  • Odd news
  • Press release news
  • Learning news
  • Campaign 2008 (speaking about U.S president campaign...well-defined :P)
This scheme voxant offers website/blogs owner is better than pay-per-play scheme. Because each visitor will be given a choice of whether he/she wants to play it or not, unlike pay-per-play which will shock visitor by saying commercial ads loudly ;)...

If you want to join for voxant newsroom and start embedding news in your website/blogs, you can try to start here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Playing flash game and earn money...

If you have a lot of spare time and you're an avid gamer, why don't you try moola? Moola is an unique way of earn money in the internet. Every moola's member will face each other in a simple flash games to put their money at fate. The good things is the moola will give your preliminary capital, which is $0,01 for each person. Then each time a person win, he/she will take over his/her opponent money and therefore double the amount of money he/she will have ;). There are 30 levels in moola, that means a person win 30 times will gain $10,737,418.24. Wow, now that seems like a lot of money!

Moola also has a affiliate system. When you refer a user, you get a 4% bonus calculated based on any money they cash out for the following year. You get a 3% bonus from any friends they refer, and so on to the fourth level. Another opportunity to cash out some money again ;).

Very fun and nice strategy of luring people getting addicted of playing moola :).
Wanna try it? To join moola, you must get an invitation here....